Managers with digital mindsets help master any change processes. challenges of digital development across the board and that is closely integrated with all other business processes. That is why I want to develop skills that enable me to participate in this inevitable development. In the master specialisation “Digital Transformation Management” you will deal with theoretical, strategic and technological aspects of digital change in companies. Bitcoin and the Market of Cryptocurrencies, Objective of the event and different types of events, Financial measurement of corporate strategies: the principles, Traditional value-based systems and their link with financial models, Corporate financial & compensation design, Discussion of various theoretical concepts and their implications for sustainable supply chain management, Concepts: Online Marketing/ Digital Marketing, Performance measurement using web analytics (e.g. For further information please take a look at the specific information and regulations regarding the "Deutschlandstipendium". ), IB – Digital Transformation Management (M.A. Generally it is possible to receive credits for the absolved and passed exams and needs to be discussed before going abroad with the international office of HSBA. Master E-Business and Digital Marketing worldwide ! As one of the largest transformation processes in the history of mankind, digitalization is changing the demands placed on companies and business processes. It is a two-year program fully taught in English and jointly offered by the Munich School of Management and the Institute for Informatics, both at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU). Project-based learning is used throughout the degree programme. The master programme Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation is unique of its kind in various ways: it was founded and is being coordinated by six departments of the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences (FK 03, 05, 07, 09, 10, 12) together with its affiliate institute, the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship As a supervisor for digital change processes, you will have many opportunities to work in a company or to become self-employed after graduation. Germany: 37 . In a business simulation game participants have to manage their own virtual company which operates in the same market as other participant-operated competitors. Academic director of executive master IE: “Digital Transformation and Innovation Leadership” Master Telco Engineering by “Universidad Politécnica de Madrid 1987-1992” and PDD in IESE (2001) Married with three kids, strongly supporter of inclusive leadership as a powerful tool to improve business results A supervisor from CBS will support you and you can write the thesis in collaboration with a company as well. The two-year Master takes a multi-strand approach to strengt… The Master programme also enables you to pursue an academic career. The “Advanced Critical Thinking & Writing Skills” course is offered for German native speakers. Modules: Effects of Digitalisation, Projects. Applications can be handed in at any time. Evaluate markets/ industries/ competitive landscapes. An MBA is geared towards university graduates from other disciplines (engineers, legal experts, doctors, etc.) Campus Köln & Potsdam:+49 (0) 221 93 18 09-31, The lecture period for the upcoming summer semester 2021 and winter semester 2021/2022 is expected to start as planned both virtually and on campus adhering to all the precautionary measures. In terms of content, the consecutive MSc builds on the specialist knowledge and methodological skills acquired in a primary degree in business or economics and provides more in-depth knowledge and skills. Contact hours, 4.00 pm You will learn the characteristics of digital organisations, develop strategies for digital business … Project learning as defined by John Dewey (often cited as learning by doing) provides the students with autonomous freedom of action. It is an outstanding offering for those companies hiring and developing the promising young employees who hold an MBA degree in ), Strategic Management and Consulting (M.Sc. Please note that not all students may be eligible to take part. Master of Digital Transformation Management (MBA) The innovative Digital Transformation MBA at GBS is the only MBA program in Germany with a dedicated, industry-wide focus on digital transformation. Rethink teaching, learning and researching! The degree should have been completed with a minimum German grade “good” (2.5) or equivalent. The CBS gave me the key soft skills and current practical knowledge.”. "For me, the study programme Digital Transformation & Sustainability combines the two biggest challenges that companies have to master in the future. Online application portal for Master's study programmes: Italian Studies: Master of Arts: WS: German, Italian: 31.08. Digitalisation can help to protect the environment and the climate and does not have to lead to more resource consumption. ", “Many professors shared their industry experience with us in class and were able to illustrate dry theory with practical examples. ), International Management Fast Track (MBA), Scholarships for International Students in Germany, 3+1 Programmes for International Students, Center for Advanced Sustainable Management, DFG-Project: The effects of non-financial reporting, Estimating cost functions and production functions, Prices, output and strategy in different markets, Data analysis using statistical software programs (SPSS or R), Strategy making process and strategic reasoning, Cultural and institutional context of strategic management, Strategic change and corporate restructuring, Strategy evaluation and strategic controls, Dynamics of innovation & their implications for change management, Cultural differences in innovation capability, Contemporary trends in innovation management, Practical approaches of organizational effectiveness, Directors and board structures in different parts of the world, Corporate governance in mergers and acquisitions, Corporate governance in different regions, Characteristics of the digital organization, Digital maturity models, digital maturity assessment, Summary: Capabilities of digitally transformed companies, Digital transformation of the organization – Case studies: Born-digital companies Digitally transformed companies, Foundations: Digital technologies (overview), Business process systems (e.g. In order to successfully shape digital change within companies, managers with extensive process management and IT know-how are needed. The course fees include the exam fees but please be aware that costs related to the study trip are not included. I am convinced that digitalisation will not only allow our society to develop, but to improve. The master’s final thesis encourages the participants to apply a full digital transformation project on their businesses or other enterprises in which they are involved. Come in for a personal study consultation; visit an informational event, or a take advantage of a trial lecture. Master in Digital Transformation Management & Leadership. The human being is and remains the central actor: What is the digital honorable businessman? ", "As students of the new degree programme Digital Transformation & Sustainability at HSBA, it is our aim to anchor the idea of sustainability in the process of digitalisation. If the applicant is already in employment, it may be possible, depending on the company, for the employer to cover most of the tuition fees. Work under the set timeframe and agreed project scope. The Digital Transformation and Innovation program is a multi-faculty collaboration between the Telfer School of Management, the Faculty of Arts, and the Faculty of Engineering to train highly qualified professionals to create, manage and research the profound change to our world that is happening as a result of electronic digital technology. CBS International Business School © 1993-2020 |, The event as a marketing and communication tool, BM – Logistik und Supply Chain Management (B.A. WS: German: 15.07. Front- and Back-end systems), Consulting Industry: Sector Overview Company Profiles – Job Opportunities and Consulting Careers, Job profile: Characteristics of capabilities and skills needed as a consultant, Case Simulation (Individual and Group Cases), Firm location, distance and transport costs, Financial crises, firms and the open economy, Managerial accounting and global business environment, Sustainability and ethics in accounting decision making, Starting points for digital strategies (selection), Challenges in introducing digital strategies – four fights, Identification of success factors for digital strategies (selection), Social and ethical aspects of digital strategies, Metamodel of business model development – dimensions, Techniques of idea, vision and prototype development, Tools to support business model development, Workshop/Project: development of ideas, visions and prototypes for new digital business models. Qualitative vs. quantitative growth, Circular economy / material and raw material usage, Cooperation of humans and machines in the working world, AI / Machine Learning / (I) IoT / Industry 4.0 / Robotics in concrete application, Pictures of the future: algocracy, singularity, new work. Main focuses are: Fintech, Finance, Technology, Banking, Entrepreneurship, Regulation, Compliance. In the Soft Skills Courses you will improve your social, leadership and project management skills. Digital innovation or Industry 4.0 have become synonymous with the transformation of industry structures and the way we interact. By the end of the module students should be able to: By choosing Business Electives in the second and third semester you can personalize your degree course and extend your management knowledge. who have assumed management tasks as part of their professional activity or who plan to do so and wish to acquire the necessary business expertise. Different levels of communication: Corporate Communication, Individual, Society & Politics. ), Master of Science (MSc) with the right to proceed to doctoral studies, German, some content may be taught in English, Part-time, one quarter per semester with two days on campus per week and one full-time week per study year or two full-time weeks during the entire study course, FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation), Studierende, Lehrende und Programmstruktur kennenlernen, Identifikation mit den 17 Zielen für Nachhaltige Entwicklung der UN (SDGs), Impact of digitalisation and digitisation through technological developments, Effects in the economy, politics and society, Innovation processes and organisational changes, Marketing re-thought in its structure / pull with connection to communication, The customer and his point of view as a starting point for all considerations and decisions, Sustainable development of goods and services, Understanding complexity as a system property: levels, interdependencies, dynamics. The innovative Master of Science Digital Transformation & Sustainability combines, for the first time, two major topics of the future in one business study course: digitalisation and sustainability. With a maximum of 18 students the study group is small. Or you can write your thesis in connection with a stay abroad. soft skills training, company visits, student consultancy).“, "What I especially liked, was the very good and close relationship to the faculty, the direct and extensive contact with lecturers all the way to individual support in finding internships abroad. The MSc in Digital Transformation Management & Leadership is an ideal platform for those interested in working in digital transformation and technology projects and settings, in both corporate and startup scenarios, including financial services, consulting, FMCG, manufacturing, marketing and other professional services affected by digital transformation. Contact hours, 64 GISMA offer Bachelors and Masters Degree Courses in Germany with focus on helping students become exceptional leaders in their own professions. For me, the Master's programme in Digital Transformation & Sustainability is the perfect starting point, as it offers an impressive range of relevant modules that not only deal with digital innovations, but also incorporate the core ethical challenges of our generation in form of the Sustainable Development Goals. During the Master Thesis Tutorial you will learn the fundamentals for your Master thesis: Defining the topic as well as structuring the thesis and you will learn the theoretical knowledge for scientific working. 20+ Experts have compiled this list of Best Digital Transformation Course, Tutorial, Training, Class, and Certification available online for 2020. With Income Share Agreements (ISA) tuition fees are financed in whole or in part* by CHANCEN eG. Collective: boundaries are falling away, social systems are in danger. The programme also offers specialist modules (data sciences, digital economies, design, scientific and technological literacy) that are continued in the second year of the teaching programme. In the master specialisation “Digital Transformation Management” you will deal with theoretical, strategic and technological aspects of digital change in companies. The course offers me the opportunity to learn in a practice-oriented way. In time for the start of the new doctoral programme, we have talked to our alumnus Dr. Sinan Krückeberg about the challenges of a part-time... Four of our BSc Business Informatics students developed a concept for digital learning at a school in the Veddel district in southern... For the first time HSBA MSc Digital Transformation & Sustainability students faced the Sustainability Challenge. ", Innovative combination of the topics Digitalisation & Sustainability – breaking the boundaries between disciplines, Projects - from practice & research, which can also include your own ideas - instead of exams and tradition, International excursion (into the digital world), 4 Competencies of the Global World: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration, Innovative topics: networking of people, organisations and the world, influence of digital media, growing importance of data and machines, Continuous reference to the 17 Global Goals of the United Nations (SDGs) a, You want to get an impression of studying DTS: Follow our student's Instagram Account ► #digistainables. Get in touch with us!T +49 (0)40 822160-900 info(at), HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration Willy-Brandt-Straße 75 20459 Hamburg, Cross-Module Competences: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Project 5: Learning Journey - Concluding Conference, © 2020 HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration, MSc Digital Transformation & Sustainability (Class of 2021), 40 ), Management von Familienunternehmen (M.A. In order to address this limitation, we researched current transformations in media, telecommunications and technology companies and distilled three specific trends – digital interactions, digital distribution and ubiquitous digital reach. This involves making typical management decisions in realistic environments. *Partial financing is possible from a minimum funding limit of EUR 8,100. Master of Arts: WS: German: 31.05. The Master in Innovation & Digital Transformation is a 2-year graduate programme. ", "The fascination that many things we have always dreamed of might come true soon is what drives me. Additionally, in the third semester you will demonstrate your skills and abilities in the “Business Simulation Game”. The previous studies have to include sufficient knowledge in the relevant fields of software engineering and digital systems. HSBA assists you in finding the ideal company for your part-time Masters' studies. Master Digital Transformation (MDT) Questions? Students of all Master's study programmes can choose obe profile from the following six profiles: Please note that electives only run if the minimum number of participants has been reached. And which technologies can be used resource-efficiently? Contact hours, 80 Whether in the marketing department of a start-up company or in human resources management of a large corporation – with this specialisation you can gain practical knowledge in various fields of activity. Apply now for Digital Transformation & Sustainability! Students learn how to effectively organise and critically control projects in entrepreneurial or non-profit contexts as well as how to achieve and present project results present. But since HSBA has a limited capacity of students per course and some grants and scholarships are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis, we recommend to apply early.If you want to apply for the Job & Master programme we recommend you to apply even earlier due to the longer procedure of the application. ), Entrepreneurship und Innovationsmanagement (M.A. Online application portal for Master's study programmes: Islamic Studies: Master of Arts. Learn, understand and apply analytical methods, Basic communication and behavioural theories. Databases: How are large amounts of data organised and linked? Do you want to be at the forefront of digital transformation, get to know current developments at first hand, understand and test them out? During the summer semester break you complete a national or international internship (10 ECTS). ), Strategisches Management und Consulting (M.A. Beside the deepening and active examination of subject-specific knowledge the simulation games also include the team environment, where interaction, communication and prioritization are of paramount importance. Are you interested in making your own contribution; do you want to develop your own projects and ideas? There are some options to support you: HSBA Scholarship: As part of the HSBA study funding programme, a maximum funding of 50% of tuition fees is possible. Get detailed information. Within the Master programme “International Business”, the specialisation “Digital Transformation Management” offers you well-founded specialist knowledge on the opportunities and challenges of digitization as well as the efficient use of new IT technologies in companies. Master Administration et Echanges Internationaux (AEI) parcours Commerce électronique . Usually the employer pays a part of the course fees. HSBA’s JOB & MASTER programme is a free placement service for applicants (still) looking for employment. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Through exciting, interactive collaboration with my professors and fellow students, I get the necessary know-how at HSBA to be able to make a relevant contribution in the field of digitalisation and sustainability. The process ensures that students have the personal, social and professional prerequisites needed to complete the study programme successfully. Digitalisation is fast becoming the driving force in business. HSBA alumni and staff at partner companies, JOB & MASTER candidates as well as applicants that apply before 31 May receive a 10% discount.